Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Scott Grist

Organic Vegetable Project Coordinator

Scott Grist is the project coordinator of the Organic Vegetable Project, a 3-acre certified organic vegetable plot at the CSU, Chico University Farm. This includes a CSA program for students, staff, faculty, and members of the public to sign up and receive weekly boxes of organic produce from the OVP. A large portion of the produce from the OVP also goes to the Wildcat Food Pantry on campus, which distributes the organic vegetables to students in need.

Scott has a bachelor's in geology from CSU, Chico and has worked in organic vegetable farming for over 5 years, including GRUB CSA, one of the most successful local organic vegetable farms in Chico. 

He is the vice-chair of the longest running environmental non-profit in Butte County, the Butte Environmental Council, which runs a community garden program that gives garden plots to those without a place to grow their own food.

In his free time, Scott leads nature hikes in Bidwell Park for the public, teaching about wild, edible and medicinal plants and other wilderness survival skills. He spent 6 months in the wilderness, assisting with wilderness survival courses for over 100 people a day at the Tracker School in Southern New Jersey.

He is also a musician and gathers the community every year around sustainability through music. He is the head organizer of the annual Chico Bicycle Music Festival, which combines sustainability with live musical performances by using a bicycle powered generator the audience rides to power all the amplified music off-grid.

Portrait of Scott Grist