Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Seth Myrick

Staff Research Associate

Seth Myrick graduated from California State University, Chico with honors as an agriculture science major with an option in land and resource management. Knowing that it takes an interdisciplinary approach to improve the resiliency of our agricultural resources, his coursework also delved into environmental and pollution sciences, climatology, and data science.

He has worked as a student research assistant with Dr. Garrett Liles since the end of his sophomore year, and in the same capacity for CRARS since last fall 2018, on projects ranging from NRCS soil health assessments and metadata analysis to foundational construction work for the CRARS lab facilities and assisting the Organic Vegetable Project. Along with Liles, he was also on a year-long contract to be part of a California Energy Commission-funded research group working to investigate the environmental and economic impacts associated with utilizing forest biomass and agricultural residues for electricity generation. Their task was to report on the impacts that this would have on forest soil carbon emissions.

Before working with Dr. Liles, his only agricultural background was through his major and FFA. Myrick's professional interests are in soil health restoration, and quantifying ecosystem services to improve land management decision making. Outside of work, he enjoys the outdoors, video games, and a good NPR podcast.

Portrait of Seth Myrick