Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Brandi Syfert

Student Research Assistant
I have been intrigued by plants my entire life. I grew up with my grandfather teaching me almost everything there is to know about growing your own food, taking care of soil, and living a healthy and simplistic lifestyle. We always had a vegetable garden in our backyard and it was my favorite thing to go out there and pick fresh boysenberries and tomatoes. I moved to Northern California from Huntington Beach, CA in 2014 with aspirations to get into sustainable and organic farming culture. I started this journey by helping to build a sustainable farm in Quincy, CA and after a year or so I moved on to working at organic farms in the foothills outside of Chico, CA. Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of working at a few different organic farms, both the Chico & Paradise Certified Farmers Markets, a local plant nursery/greenhouse, and was a part of a Farm to Table catering and event planning company in Butte County; all of which have shaped me into the woman I am today.
After years of working in different fields and spending time traveling outside of the USA, I decided it was time to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. I have been in college off and on since 2010 but when I started CA State University, Chico in Fall of 2021, I knew it was going to be time to focus on my studies and strive to finish something I started long ago. By May of 2023 I will have completed my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Plant & Soil Science with a focus on Crops & Horticulture, an Associates of Science Degree in Environmental Horticulture, an Associates of Arts Degree in Social & Behavioral Science, and a Certificate in Professional Photography. My hope is to use my Plant & Soil Science knowledge to help rehabilitate the Paradise Ridge in a way that uses native and drought tolerant plants to revitalize the soil after wildfire damage. Living in Northern California, I find it extremely important to adapt to climate change, protect our resources, and live in a way that supports the longevity of our community and the environment that surrounds us.
Portrait of Brandi Syfert