Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Chloe Mahan

Student Research Assistant
Chloe Mahan, a junior pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Plant and Soil Sciences at CSU, Chico, discovered her passion for agriculture at an early age growing up in Visalia, CA. She has been able to find a home in the regenerative agriculture program. Chloe plans to use her degree to help find solutions for the many issues currently facing food production. She sought out the aquaponics unit to become part of a wholistic management system of farming and to fulfill her curiosity about insects becoming a key component in future food production. Chloe plans on joining the Peace Corps after graduation to directly impact and improve foreign food supplies. When not spending time at the aquaponics unit she can be found tending to her houseplants, going on walks with her roommates, or enjoying a good nap.
Portrait of Chloe Mahan