Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Clair Akin

Graduate Student

Clair Akin is from a small town on the North Coast of California. She grew up riding horses, gardening, and being involved in the local farming community. Clair completed her undergraduate degree in Agriculture Business from CSUC in 2018. After securing a job with the USDA as a Commodity Grader she has now decided to return to school to pursue a Master’s of Science in regenerative systems to confront climate change and make a difference in the local community. Upon the completion of her degree, she plans to work in a public department doing community outreach to help farmers transition from conventional to a regenerative way of farming. Her current research focus is on the use of cover crops in an olive orchard and the effects on water infiltration and runoff. Clair’s hobbies include being an avid equestrian, hiking with her two dogs, and reading historical fiction.

Portrait of Clair Akin