Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Daniel Rodriguez

Student Research Assistant

Daniel Rodriguez is a first-generation college student studying Plant and Soil Science with a focus on Crops and Horticulture. Daniel’s passion for all things growing stems from working with his father in his landscaping job. In this job he gained first-hand experience in landscape management, installing irrigation systems, and what hard work is. Now Daniel is working in the Soil Processing lab at the Regenerative Agriculture Demonstration site where he is gaining real-world research experience, hands-on experience in analyzing soil health, and how to work safely in a professional laboratory. Daniel also works in the Aquaponics site where he grows a wide variety of leafy greens and strawberries. 

When Daniel is not at the University farm he likes to cook delicious meals, tend to his bonsai tree, and shred the trails of Bidwell with his mountain bike.

Portrait of Daniel Rodriguez