Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Irfan Ainnuddin

Graduate Student

Irfan Ainnuddin combines his passion for soil science with his desire to educate and illuminate the general public about it through multimedia and art. He comes to graduate school as an Interdisciplinary Studies student at Chico State because of this programs’ ability to combine the multiple facets and breadth of his interests in one degree.

Irfan has a Bachelor of Science in Soil Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and previously worked in the UC Cooperative Extension Geisseler Nutrient Management Lab in Davis, CA. His research focused on nitrogen mineralization potential of soils across California and he developed algorithms for nitrogen uptake and removal of specialty crops in California for the CDFA fertilizer guidelines(opens in new window)(opens in new window).

His early interests in viticulture and enology along with chemistry required him to take an introduction to soil science class, which set him on the path of becoming a professional soil scientist. The direct implications soil management has on connections between the landscape and natural resources with economic, social, and political issues is powerful. Irfan seeks to improve the global lexicon of soil knowledge through new data driven, multi-media educational experiences.

Irfan's research is focused on dynamic soil properties used to evaluate soil health in Butte County, CA. Additionally, he is developing a digital archive of soils in Lassen National Park and an educational app to explore the archive. He hopes to find a career as a consulting soil scientist in the fields of agriculture, environmental science, and education.

Portrait of Irfan Ainnuddin