Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Tim LaSalle at Cuesta College Bioreactor Workshop

Tim LaSalle and participants at te workshop around their just completed bioreactor

Cuesta College in conjunction with the Varian Arabian Horse Center has a Regenerative Agriculture Seminar Series(opens in new window). On Nov 7, 2020, CRARS co-founder Tim LaSalle led one called “Building the Life of the Soil: Part 2—Building regenerated soils that are self-fertilizing through improved soil microbiology” in San Luis Obispo County. It focused on building a Johnson-Su bioreactor to restore your soil's healthy soil biome. After the day's session, this group of people who had already built bioreactors on their farms gathered for a photo around the bioreactor built during the workshop.

From left to right, CRARS co-founder Tim LaSalle, Shane Lovell - City Farm Manager, Dr. Natasha Lilly DVM and Erica Martin, Stephen Marx, Chairman of the Board City Farm SLO, Devon Gomez farmer  and brother Aaron Gomez, Vice Mayor San Luis Obispo.