Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Henning's Project

Henning, one of our more enthusiastic Bioreactor Registry participants, says he was inspired to join in this project after viewing some video clips on soil with Dr. Elaine Ingham on Youtube. 

The reason I got interested in composting was after I found myself with a few buckets of degenerated honey that I had extracted from combs that had altered wax in the foundation. I didn't know what to do with it. By that time I also got to know bokashi(opens in new window). Read somewhere that  you use molasses if you want to make those effective microorganisms for your bokashi. So without much knowledge I thought that feeding the degenerated and meanwhile fermented honey to microorganisms might be a way to get rid of it and breaking anything bad in it down. 

He also found the idea of looking under a microscope at the microorganisms and from there altering the fungi bacteria ratio to be very intriguing. One year later in September 2020, he reports that the compost looks great and is filled with lots of happy worms!

After it had cooled down I was occasionally throwing worms in I found here and there. Anyway I am thrilled about the result after one year. I still have no real use for it, though, as I have no garden or anything like that. The next cage is already in place and will be filled shortly. I will attach some photos from the current one [see above]. It was filled with woodchips, coffeegrounds, coffee chaff, horse manure, green cuts and honey that wasn't usable for human consumption. In the beginning I didn't water it at all. I also wasn't aware that you should cover it up. Still amazing result from what I can see, ha.