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Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Conservation Low Tillage Methods & Equipment to Reduce Time between Crops and Increase Soil Health for Large Scale Farming

Date: Friday 12/06/19

Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM

Location: Triple M Ranch 420 Hall Road Watsonville, CA


Preregister to reserve lunch and get a map to the field location. Register: Pam Krone or 831-647-4238 

Conservation Tillage is a way to prepare beds between crops with fewer passes across the field resulting in less time, energy, and soil disturbance. Less soil disturbance maintains soil health through reducing negative impact on beneficial microbes and reducing loss of soil organic matter. Less passes means less time between harvest of one crop and planting of the next, possibly resulting in opportunity for an additional crop or a different crop rotation. Fewer passes means less tractor diesel as well as energy and labor cost savings.

Confirmed Speakers: Israel Morales , Javier Zamora—JSM Organics, Gina Colfer— Wilbur Ellis, Pam Krone– CMSF, Allison Tokunaga—NRCS, Valerie Perez—UCCE

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