Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Carbon Farm Planning

Presentations and other materials from Carbon Farm Planning events hosted by CRARS, Carbon Cycle Institute, Fibershed and the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts.

Carbon Farm Planning Resource Binder 2020

cover of the Carbon Farm Workshop binderThis is the resource binder created for the Carbon Farm Planning Workshop that happened Thursday January 16, 2020 at CSU Chico. In addition to workshop-specific items, you'll find sample carbon farm plans, information about measuring and sampling soils, the Comet Planner and other models, analytics, and resources.

Carbon Farming: Soil, Carbon, Water, Climate—Carbon as an Organizing Principle in Land Management
This Powerpoint presentation by Jeff Creque of the Carbon Cycle Institute goes into detail about how ALL farming is in a sense "carbon farming" but some farming methods make a major difference in the amount of carbon captured and preserved in the soil. He lays out the case for why changing to these methods is of the utmost importance. He also introduces how it can be done and presents results already documented.
The Carbon Farming Network: A Growing Partnership for Climate Change Mitigation
This Powerpoint presentation is about how Regional Conservation Districts (RCDs) with NRCS, partners and producers can collaborate and share knowledge and resources to mitigate climate change.
Planning Through a Carbon Lens: Carbon Farm Planning Step by Step
Conservation Planning using the NRCS Conservation Planning Process to identify opportunities to increase terrestrial carbon, reduce the production of greenhouse gases on the farm, and quantify the carbon benefits of conservation practices. Co-benefits include increased production, better soil health, water quality and water quantity.
Climate Beneficial Wool
Powerpoint slides showing the promise of carbon farm planning in producing wool that improves soil fertility, increases water holding capacity, and sequesters carbon.