Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

RAD Prices

The Regenerative Agriculture Demonstration Lab (RAD Lab) was established to support your soil health assessment needs. We offer a diverse and evolving "menu" of a la carte measurements and two packages. For more information, contact

Please note: Correspondence with the lab is required prior to drop-off. The lab will not accept samples without documentation or some communication of acceptance on our part. Also, because of the high volume of soil samples being tested, the current expected turnaround for testing is 10 weeks.

A La Carte RAD Prices 

A La Carte


Bulk Density


Soil Processing


C:N Analysis




Wet Aggregate Stability




24-hr Soil Respiration


Hot Water Extractable Carbon


These prices are based on pre-processed soils: * < 2mm  or ** ground powders.

Packages RAD Prices 



The Baseline
  • Sample Processing
  • C and N— combustion
  • pH-EC


The Check-up
  • Baseline Assessment Plus
  • Wet Aggregate Stability
  • Permanganate Oxidizable Carbon (POXC)
  • 24-hr Soil Respiration
  • Hot Water Extractable C