Get Music - Legally!

Use these links to find your favorite music on the Internet legally.

Apple iTunes(opens in new window)

The world's best digital jukebox, with the #1 music download store inside offers a library of 2 million tracks for purchase and download to any computer or to the Apple iPod portable player. iTunes charges $0.99 per track, or $9.99 per album.

AmazonMP3(opens in new window)

Purchase and download individual music tracks for $0.99 and albums starting at $4.99. The music is DRM free, which means you can play it anywhere!

Pandora Radio(opens in new window)

Free customizable Internet radio! Pandora allows you to put in your favorite songs and artists, and it creates Internet radio stations that play similar music. Works right from your web browser!

Rhapsody(opens in new window)

Similar to iTunes, Rhapsody allows you to purchase music tracks for about $0.99 a song. Rhapsody also offers the option of subscribing to the service for $13 per month, allowing you to download and listen to as many songs as you want!