Getting Entertainment Media on ResNet

Computers and the Internet have given us a myriad of ways to obtain our favorite music, TV shows, and movies. Downloading these forms of entertainment is convenient, but it's not always legal.

In this site, you will find information on how to legally obtain entertainment media, as well as information on what you can expect if you choose to use ResNet to download or share entertainment media illegally.

If you do choose to download entertainment media illegally, you run the risk of being sued by entertainment industry officials and compromise the security of your computer as illegally downloaded media and software often contain malware such as computer viruses and spyware.

In addition to putting you at legal risk, illegal file sharing is also a violation of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and the Campus Computing Acceptable Use Policy. When you are caught illegally downloading copyrighted material, you will have your connection to ResNet temporarily suspended and you could face disciplinary action with Student Judicial Affairs.

So don’t take the risk, use legal ways to get your favorite music, TV shows and movies. This site is designed to help you start using those legal services, many of which are free!

More Information

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