Get TV - Legally!

Use any of these services to get TV shows from the Internet legally. Most of them are free!

Hulu(opens in new window)

Hulu offers tons of popular television shows and movies to watch instantly in your browser for free. New episodes for current shows are posted the day after they air! Hulu is supported by short commercials just like real TV. It's completely legal!

Apple iTunes(opens in new window)

iTunes, it's not just for music anymore. Apple has made television series from many major networks available for download. iTunes charges $1.99 for most episodes, and many are available for free!

Netflix(opens in new window)

Netflix offers two ways to get TV shows. If a TV series is available on DVD, you can use Netflix to get your favorite shows by mail. Netflix subscribers also have access to instant online viewing of many movies and TV shows. Netflix customers just go to the Netflix website, pick a show and start watching right from their browser! in new window)

ABC makes many of its shows available for viewing online at New episodes are available for viewing the day after they air! in new window)

CBS also allows streaming, full length episodes available for viewing right from their website! in new window)

NBC is now providing full length episodes for their shows as well! Head over to and find your favorite show.