Student Resources and Services

Peer Mentor Programs

The programs below are part of the first-year peer mentor network at Chico State. The network ensures that all first-year students have access to a peer mentor and the programs involved work collaboratively toward this goal.  A peer mentor is a more experienced student that provides ongoing guidance and support to first-year students at Chico State. Mentors are trained to ease the transition from high school to college by demonstrating positive student habits; they serve as a trusted resource, friend, and advocate. 

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The Black Leadership and Mentoring (BLM) program is an academic year-long mentoring program that emphasizes Black student success at Chico State. Designed for first-and second-year students needing or wanting additional guidance from more experienced Black students, the BLM program’s mission is to foster a sense of belonging and facilitate a robust academic community among Black students. The program ensures students.

  • Nurture positive relationships between mentors and mentees, and program staff.
  • Create a supportive environment where advice and experiences can be shared comfortably.
  • Encourage positive leadership in mentors and mentees.
  • Build community with students and serve a variety of academic and co-curricular interests.
  • Foster community by sharing campus and community resources with mentees.

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The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed to improve the access and retention of low-income and first-generation college students at Chico State. Our students apply to EOP through the CalApply website and are then admitted before starting their first year at Chico State. First time in college students are paired with a peer mentor for their first year who assist and support EOP students with any needs they may have. Our EOP students also have an opportunity to be involved through the EOP Student Association. The EOP Student Association (EOPSA) is an organization that promotes student involvement with opportunities for fundraising, community service, social gatherings, and regular meetings. This student-run organization focuses on providing a more enriching and enjoyable undergraduate experience.| |  530-898-6831
Student Services Center, Room 310

First Year Experience Mentoring Program (FYEMP)
The FYEMP is a newly created peer mentoring program that supports first-year students who are not enrolled in another formal support program. FYE Mentors will help students connect to campus resources, develop a sense of community/belonging, and monitor academic progress of their mentees.

Accessibility Resource Center

The REACH Program is a peer mentoring program at Chico State that provides transitional and ongoing support to first-time college students who are from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Designed to help students in achieving academic success, our program provides individualized support from peer and faculty mentors, along with professional staff.

  • First-year REACH students are enrolled into a REACH for Success class where they build
    connections and friendships with other first-generation students, and develop college success strategies.
  • Learn to network and use campus/community resources. Attend academic workshops and social events with others from our program.
  • Attend academic workshops and social events with others from our program. |  530-898-5522
Student Service Center, Room 370

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The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program at Chico State is committed to increasing the rates of academic achievement, retention, and graduation among historically underrepresented students.  This is accomplished by providing holistic and individualized support services that maximize students’ innate abilities and draw upon available resources within and outside of the University to benefit students, families, and the larger community. | 530-898-6831
Student Services Center, Room 310