Research Foundation

New Employee Onboarding

All new and rehired employees, who have not worked for the Foundation for one year or more, are required to attend a new employee onboarding session prior to their first day worked.

Please have new or rehired employees contact the Foundation HR office at 898-4909 to schedule an onboarding appointment. Federal law requires employees to provide proper identification at the time of onboarding.  Please review the list of acceptable I9 documents (PDF)

All new employees must read the Employee Handbook materials introducing them to the Foundation and its personnel procedures.  All new employees will receive a copy at the time of their onboarding with Human Resources personnel.  Employees new to a project should receive an orientation from the hiring supervisor on procedures specific to the project and work expectations specific to the individual. 

The Foundation Human Resources office maintains copies of benefits and resource materials in addition to the Employee Handbook to assist projects in personnel administration.  Bulletin boards are maintained at the Foundation Administration Office and Sponsored Programs Office.  At various project sites notices of state and federal laws, changes in policies, and other information of interest and assistance to employees are posted.