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Request OneSolution Access (PDF)

Change Chico Domain Password

OneSolution Support Services and Response Times

Jim Forberg is the primary support specialist for all OneSolution requests.  Please direct all OneSolution requests for Jim through the TeamDynamix ticketing system.  Once a ticket is submitted, please allow for the following response times:

  • New OneSolution user account:
  • Security changes to an existing user:
    • Allow up to 2 business days for completion
  • Other OneSolution issues:
    • Allow up to 2 business days for a response

Submit a ticket via TeamDynamix

Please submit any OneSolution questions by opening a support ticket with ITSS or by calling ITSS directly at x4357.  If calling, please inform the support technician that you have a OneSolution issue and they will open a ticket that will be forwarded to the Foundation.

Below are the steps to create and submit a ticket:

Select: Click the "NEED HELP? Open a support ticket" button above or click here (this will take you to the ITSS Support Services page)

Step 1. Select “Other Services”

Step 2. Select “Help with something that isn't listed”

Step 3. Select “Request Service”

Step 4. In the “Subject” field, please enter RF IT and the issue, for example "RF IT – Access to One Solution"

Step 5. Complete the description of the issue. Please include the state decal number if possible. For example F03366 or C00028 or S32166.