Risk Management

Subpoena, Summons & Requests for Public Records

What To Do If You Receive a Subpoena or Summons

  • If you receive a subpoena/summons by fax, campus or U.S. mail, please call Risk Management at (530) 898-6588.  All subpoenas need to be facilitated through the Office of Risk Management unless they are addressed to Chico State Enterprises (former known as CSU, Chico Research Foundation) or CSU, Chico Associated Students (AS), those entities need to be served directly.
  • If there is an in-person process server, do not accept the request. Please send them to the Office of Risk Management, Kendall Hall room 205.   

Process Servers

All Criminal Subpoenas for personal appearance should be presented to the University Police Department, at the corner of W. 2nd and Chestnut streets, for service. Please call (530) 898-5555 to reach University Police.

Subpoenas seeking California State University, Chico records will need to be served in person and must include a $15.00 processing fee. 

In-Person Delivery

Office of Risk Management

Kendall Hall Room 205

Subpoenas seeking personal appearances by witnesses, whether at trial or deposition or any other hearing, must be personally served on those witnesses.

Request for Public Records

Risk Management manages requests for CSU, Chico records made under the California Public Records Act (CPRA). All CPRA requests must be submitted in writing to risk@csuchico.edu. Risk Management will work with departments to respond to records requests made under the CPRA and will assist members of the public seeking access to records.

Other Types of Records Requests

Certified Payroll Records – Requests for certified payroll records pursuant to Labor Code 1776, should be directed to our Procurement office at procurement@csuchico.edu.

Personnel Records – Employee requests for their own personnel records pursuant to California Education Code 89546 should be directed to facultyaffairs@csuchico.edu (for unit 3 employees) or to humanresources@csuchico.edu (for all other employees).

Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) requests should be directed to facultyaffairs@csuchico.edu (for unit 3 employees) or to laborrelations@csuchico.edu (for all other employees).

Other CSU, Chico Information Resources

Requests for CSU, Chico information (not records) should be directed to our University Communications office at ucomm@csuchico.edu.

The CSU, Chico Budget and Financial Information Dashboard can be found at https://csuchico.openbook.questica.com/.

Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics provides a variety of campus data such as student enrollment, student applications, graduation rates, degree related information and employee diversity. Visit https://www.csuchico.edu/ir/ for additional information.

The Chico Facts webpage includes data related to the University. Please visit https://www.csuchico.edu/about/chico-facts.shtml for additional information.

California State University audit reports can be found at https://www.calstate.edu/csu-system/transparency-accountability/audit-reports.

California State University systemwide data dashboards can be found at https://www.calstate.edu/data-center/institutional-research-analyses/Pages/data-dashboards.aspx.