Risk Management

Working with Youth

Guidelines for Programs Involving Youth*

*youth refers to persons under the age of 18

The University promotes and engages in many programs, events and activities that involve youth. Whenever possible, the responsibility for supervising youth should be placed with the parents, school districts or other organizations associated with bringing the youth to campus. For instance, when the University assumes the responsibility for supervising youth, the following guidelines are offered to assist departments with practices to aid in minimizing risks to youth.


All campus programs involving youth must register with the Office of Risk Management by completing the Youth Program Registration form.

Background Checks

Background checks are required for all employees and volunteers who perform work involving regular or direct contact with youth.  For more information, visit the Human Resources website.  

Youth Protection Training

Employees, students and volunteers who work with youth should complete the following training in CSU Learn.  The estimated completion time for each training is 20 minutes.