Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Fall Kickoff 2018

In September of 2018, the Division of Student Affairs held its first annual Fall Kickoff event.  Attendees included Student Affairs staff, Chico State President, Provost and other members of Cabinet, along with Alisha Sharma, President of the Associated Students. 

Vice President for Student Affairs, Milton Lang, shared with staff and guests the six Student Affairs Initiatives for Success, which are:  Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Partnerships, Student Success/Retention, Safety and Wellness, and Technology & Innovation.

At the event, Vice President Lang and members of his leadership team (Anita Barker, Sandy Parsons, Chela Patterson, David Buckley, Barbara Fortin) provided Points of Pride Awards (POP) to various departments and staff within Student Affairs to acknowledge their collaboration and successes.  A list of POP awards and recognitions were:

  • Office of Veterans’ Affairs – Diversity & Inclusion Award
  • Student Learning Center – Partnership & Collaboration Award
  • Adventure Outing – Student Success & Retention Award
  • CARE Team – Student Safety & Wellness Award
  • OATS – Technology & Innovation Award
  • Exemplary Leadership Award – Anita Barker
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