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About Chico Speaks

In Spring 2018, Chico State conducted a campus-wide student Climate Survey called Chico Speaks(opens in new window). A Full Report (PDF) has now been completed and is available for the campus community to review.

This confidential online survey was an anonymous online instrument to assess students’ experiences, behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions about sexual violence on campus. In spring 2018, Chico State was one of 42 college institutions in the United States and Canada that participated in the survey. Chico State was a mid-sized institution defined as having between 10,000 and 19,999 students. There were 11 of those institutions out of the 42 participating institutions. Participating institutions (sometimes called “the cohort”) were instructed to conduct the survey over a three-week period sometime between January 1 and May 1, 2018. Chico State conducted its survey from April 9–29, 2018 and named the survey Chico Speaks. The survey opened with warnings concerning the sensitive nature of the subject matter, and survey respondents were offered resource information at the conclusion of the survey.

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