WellCat Safe Place

CSULearn - Title IX Alternative Trainings

Students who are newly enrolled in their first year have been assigned Sexual Violence Prevention for New Students and all other students (including transfer students) have been assigned Consent & Bystander Intervention for Returning Students. This training, formally known as “Not Anymore”, have transitioned onto CSULearn platform.

This training is one of the ways we set a culture of empathy, understanding, and accountability for the impacts of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking. This training provides information about consent, Bystander Intervention, sexual assault, dating/ domestic violence, and stalking. The training also includes testimonies of those who were harmed, active bystanders, and college peers.

The content may be challenging and may impact your ability to finish the training. If you think you may experience distress or triggers due to the content of the material in this training, please reach out to us to participate in an alternative form.

WellCat Safe Place confidential staff offers the alternative training in person, zoom, or phone appointments. Please email us at safeplace@csuchico.edu to request an alternative training for CSULearn requirements.

If you have general questions regarding the training programs, please refer to our Student Training FAQs or contact Title IX at (530) 898-4949 or titleix@csuchico.edu.  

If you completed an alternative training in the past through WellCat Safe Place, you would continue to be exempt from this required training. Please email Title IX at  titleix@csuchico.edu for further inquiries about past alternative training.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. We are here for you.