Safe Place

Our Services

How do I schedule an appointment? 

You may either call at 530-898-3030 or stop by the office which is located in the Student Services Center 180. You may also email Appointments are confidential, and an advocate is able to provide you options on Title IX, law enforcement, safety, and medical care. 

Crisis Support 

A Confidential advocate is available to listen, believe, and validate. We are available to provide information, crisis intervention, and emotional support. 


An advocate can accompany you to the hospital, Student Health Center, law enforcement interview, Title IX meetings, or any other appointments related to interpersonal violence.  


You are not alone. An advocate can assist you in obtaining a Restraining Order, creating a safety plan, and help to remove barriers that may exist in accessing other services. 


Assistance in getting academic, scheduling, and/or housing accommodations if you are feeling unsafe on campus, or you are having trouble focusing in class due to interpersonal violence. 

Resources and Referrals 

We can get you connected to resources on and off campus.