Department of Science Education

Goals & Objectives

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B.A. in Natural Sciences

Program Goal 1:

Produce graduates who have a strong foundational knowledge base in the general sciences, under and can apply the crosscutting concepts across the scientific disciplines as represented by the four Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards.

Program Goal 2:

Produce graduates can use the science and engineering practices necessary for scientific literacy in the 21st century as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. (Science and Engineering Practices)

Program Goal 3:

Produce graduates who can design learning environments for diverse audiences that promote scientific discovery and understanding of the natural world in formal and informal settings. (Pedagogy)

Program Objectives

  • When compared to the previous year baseline the number of new students admitted to the program will increase by 10%
  • At least 30% of students will report on their exit survey that they participated in a pre-professional organization (e.g. student chapter of the National Science Teacher Association)
  • At least 20% of the BA students will identify with a race/ethnicity or gender that is often underrepresented in the STEM teaching fields
  • Over a five-year period, at least 60% of graduates will obtain employment in a science education field within 12-24 months of their graduation date.