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B.S. in Natural Sciences

The BS in Natural Science degree program majors gain foundational knowledge in the general sciences in addition to a focused study in one of the following science discipline options: Biology, Geology, Physical Science, Environmental Science or Chemistry. The core program courses are designed for future science educators. Upon graduation, students seeking a career as a future middle school or general science high school teacher will be qualified to apply to a credential program. This degree is also for students pursuing an pathway as an informal science educator seeking future employment in museums, nature centers, state parks or national forests. Other students in the program may follow a pathway that leads to a graduate program in the basic or applied sciences. Internships and volunteer activities can provide practical training and experience.

Our program offers small enrollment courses, which lends to opportunities for one-on-one interaction with faculty, class embedded early teaching experiences, and research opportunities with faculty mentors that can lead to conference presentations and publications. The long-term career outlook for our majors shows a critical demand for educators, particularly in high need subject areas like science and math. "California is projected to need upwards of 33,000 new mathematics and science teachers in the next ten years" – (California State University, Math and Science Teacher Initiative(opens in new window)).