Department of Science Education

SCED 2019-20 Outstanding Graduating Senior

Ally Paine

The Department of Science Education annually recognizes an outstanding graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in the following three categories: Service, Classroom Contributions and Academic Achievement.

Categories are defined by the following criteria:

Service aligned with the mission of the Science Education department campus and community:

  • The student has demonstrated involvement in a variety of campus and community service activities.
  • The student has been involved with and held leadership positions in service organizations, including NSTA
  • The student has earned awards or accomplishments through service activities.

Classroom Contributions:

  • Collaboration (hands on)
  • Leadership (role in their group or class)
  • Engagement in group and or class discussions, which contributes to the enhancement of classroom learning experience for all
  • Deep conceptual understanding of the science content

Academic Achievement (GPA)