Department of Science Education

In-Service Teacher Professional Learning Opportunities

The California Science Project (CSP)

The California Science Project(opens in new window) (CSP) is a university-based professional development network for teachers of science at all levels. This statewide network has a common goal of improving science education for all students in California. CSU, Chico has been a CSP site for over a decade.  The CSP in Chico continues to be a regional provider of services to schools and districts seeking to strengthen their science programs and science instruction consistent with the California Science Framework and the California Science Content Standards.

Teachers' Professional Development for Inland California

California State University, Chico; the Yuba City Unified School District; and the Sutter County Superintendent of Schools are working together to offer Teachers’ PD INC, a teacher professional development program for the 33 inland California counties from San Bernardino to Siskiyou and Modoc. Teachers’ PD INC supports “teacher-driven” professional development to address questions or problems directly related to teachers’ classroom practice. Over two school years participating teachers select professional development, create interventions, and conduct action research to assess the impact of their interventions. 

Collaborative Professional Development (CPD) Project in Rural California Schools

The CPD project responds to the dramatic need to improve learning opportunities and educational outcomes for underserved students, specifically English Learners (ELs), in the STEM area of Science, within the Butte County rural education region of northeastern California. This project aims to provide a collaborative professional development model that fosters site-based leadership in the Butte County rural area and to provide professional development for bilingual elementary and secondary pre-service teachers from underserved groups, paraprofessionals and in-service teachers (grades 4th-9th).