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University Class Schedule

Guides and Glossary


Common Terms

Asynchronous (asynch)—Does not have scheduled meeting days and times. Students complete class activities and assignments as detailed in the course syllabus.

Synchronous (synch)—Meets in real time at the scheduled meeting days and times. Some class meetings may be replaced by asynchronous activities. Refer to the course syllabus for details.

Hybrid—Partially online and partially in person. Some class meetings are held in person as scheduled and the remainder of the class is conducted online. Refer to the course syllabus for details. Internet access required.

Class/Registration Number—Four-digit number unique to each section. This number can be used to register in the class and is sometimes referred to as Registration Number.

Modes of Instruction

Modes of instruction with descriptions and examples
CategoryInstruction ModeClass Schedule DescriptionDescription3 Unit Class Example
Face-to-faceEIn person with internet useClass meets in person with required course materials and/or activities online.  Most commonly the use of the LMS is required.Class meets MWF 9:00–9:50 PLMS 203.
Face-to-facePIn personClass meets in person on set days/times.Class meets MWF 9:00–9:50 PLMS 203.
HybridHIn person + asynchronous onlineClass meets regularly in person with portions of the class online in lieu of in-person meeting.Class meets MW 9:00–9:50 PLMS 203 plus 1 hour TBA per week.
HybridKOnline, possible in personClass meets mostly online with infrequent in-person meetings. See Class Schedule for meeting times.Class conducted online TBA (list hours as appropriate) or set days/times online. Class may have an on-campus orientation and/or on-campus final.
HybridSIn person + synchronous onlineClass meets regularly in person with portions of the course conducted online at set days/times. See Class Schedule for online meeting times.Class meets MW 9:00-9:50 PLMS 203; class meets online Friday 9:00–9:50 for online chat.
HybridTTwo-way videoClass meets at set days/times and is delivered via two-way video to a specified remote location.Class meets MWF 9:00–9:50 in MLIB and is shared via two-way video online or with specified off-campus locations.
OnlineIFully online, asynchronousClass entirely online with no set day/time.Class conducted online. TBA hours to be listed.
OnlineJFully online, synchronousClass meets entirely at set days/times online. See Class Schedule for meeting times.Class meets MWF 9:00–9:50 online.
OnlineUFully online, synch/asynchClass meets at set day/times that do not completely satisfy required hours; remainder is TBA.Class meets M 9:00–9:50 online, with TBA hours online.