Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab


Tescan Vega-3 SEM

  • Low vacuum operation up to 500 Pascals (approx. 4 Torr)
  • Ultra-High-Resolution Digital Image Acquisition up to 16k x 16k pixels (16-bit video)
  • Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector with YAG scintillator
  • Retractable YAG Backscattered Electron Detector (UHV bellows retractor)
  • Multi-ported specimen chamber, 230mm internal dia., 11+ ports
  • Fully motorized compucentric 5-axis stage (X=80mm, Y=60mm, Z=47mm,
  • Rotation=360°, Bidirectional tilt = -80° to +80°) 

Tescan Vega Manual (PDF)

EDAX Element EDS Detector

  • LN-free Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) system with integrated Peltier cooling
  • 25mm2 SDD sensor, 133eV resolution of better at MnK, Silicon Nitride thin window with detection to B
  • Fixed detector position
  • PV6062 Element Software Suite 

Element Basic User's Guide (PDF)
Team Software Manual (PDF)

Cressington 108 Gold Sputter Coater

Cressington 108A Carbon Coater

Please contact us for your specific preparation needs.