Academic Senate

Faculty Recognition & Support Committee (FRAS)

FRAS Membership
Mina HejaziAgriculture2021AGR
Stanley SalinasHealth & Comm Serv.2020BSS
Shelley Hart, Co-ChairChild Development2021BSS
Ghadir IshqaidefManagement2021BUS
Norkeith SmithFinance & Marketing2020BUS
Michael SmithKinesiology2020CME
Erin WhitneyEducation2021CME
Ozgul YasarMMEM2021ECC
Meghdad HajimoradEECE2021ECC
Sinwoo LeeHistory2021HFA
Megan Glynn ZollingerMusic & Theatre 2020HFA
Pam Kruger Library 2021LIB
Jonathan DayBiological Sciences2020NSC
Jinsong Zhang, Co-ChairChemistry & Biochem2020NSC
Wallace LeeseFaculty Emeritus2020ERFSA
Evanne O'DonnellProvost Rep.FAAF
TBDStudent RepresentativeAS
Cindy Ratekin18-19 Outstanding Advisor Award Recipient2020BSS
Jeff Livingston18-19 Outstanding Faculty Service Award Recipient2020HFA
Sarah Pape18-19 Outstanding Lecturer Award Recipient2020HFA
William Nitzky18-19 Outstanding Research Mentor Award Recipient2020BSS

Appointment: 14 faculty - two from BSS, BUS, CME, ECC, HFA, and NS and one each from AGR and LIB and the previous year's outstanding faculty award winners listed above.

Term: 2 years, staggered

Duties: See EM 19-023

FRAS reports annually to the Academic Senate.