Academic Senate

2022-23 Academic Senate Membership

Campus employee trainings. California state university, Chico. Gold 100% completed. 

Statewide Senators (2) - (At-large Senators)
Boyd, BetsyFASPAGR(24)
Ford, RickEPPCNSC(23)
At-Large Senators (6) - Faculty Elected
Medic, Ana; SecretaryFASPAGR(25)
Cline, TroyEPPCNSC(24)
Zeichick, DavidEPPCECC(25)
Walter, MiriamFASPNSC(24)
Ferrari, ChiaraEPPCCME(24)
Sistrunk, Tim; FASP ChairFASPHFA(25)
Senators (23) - College Elected
Agriculture               CommitteeTerm
Smith, LoganEPPC(25)
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Melody Yeager-StruthersEPPC(25)
Hidalgo, Danielle (Patrick Newell, Proxy Spr 2023)FASP(24)
Magnus, AmyEPPC(25)
Sherman, NicoleFASP(24)
Paiva, Marianne; Chair--(25)
Son, JaebongEPPC(23)
Trailer, Jeff; Vice ChairFASP(25)
Communication and Education
Adamian, AnnieEPPC(23)
Burk, NicholasFASP(23)
Moss, JoshEPPC(25)
Draper, AaronFASP(25)
Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Mgmt.
Gibson, ToddEPPC(25)
O'Connor, DennisFASP(24)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Lee, SangminEPPC(24)
Jollimore, TroyFASP(23)
Miller, Matthew Teague (Hope Munro Spring 2023)EPPC(23)
Traver, TeresaFASP(25)
Newell, PatrickFASP(24)
Natural Sciences
Bailey, PabloEPPC(25)
Kralj, Holly; EPPC ChairEPPC(23)
Coons, MichaelFASP(24)
Musvosvi, EnniesFASP(23)
Emeritus (1)
Kaiser, KathyFASP(23)

Ex-Officio (13)

*President - Gayle E. HutchinsonPresident --
*Interim Provost and VP for Academic Affairs - Stephen PerezVPAA --
*VP for Business & Finance - Ann ShermanVPBF --
*VP for Student Affairs - Isaac BrundageVPSA --
*VP for Univ. Advancement - Ahmad BouraVPUA --
*VP for Information Technology - Monique SendzeVPIT --
Exec. Chair of Chairs' Council  - Christopher Nichols
Staff Council Chair - Tawnie PetersonEPPC(23)
Staff member - Nicol GrayEPPC(23)
Staff member - Rachel McBride-PraetoriusFASP(23)
Staff member - Emily BrunsFASP(23)
AS President - Krystal AlvarezFASP(23)
AS Dir. of University Affairs - Allison WagnerEPPC(23)
AS Member - TBDAS(23)
AS Member - TBDAS(23)
*Non-voting member