Academic Senate

2023-24 Academic Senate Membership

Campus employee trainings. California state university, Chico. Gold 100% completed. 

Statewide Senators (2) - (At-large Senators)
Boyd, BetsyFASPAGR(24)
Underwood, Jennifer (Holly Kralj Sub FA2023)EPPCECC(26)
At-Large Senators (6) - Faculty Elected
Medic, Ana; SecretaryFASPAGR(25)
Cline, TroyEPPCNSC(24)
Zeichick, DavidEPPCECC(25)
Walter, Miriam; FASP ChairFASPNSC(24)
Sargent, DannEPPCHFA(24)
Sistrunk, TimFASPHFA(25)
Senators (23) - College Elected
Agriculture               CommitteeTerm
Smith, LoganEPPC(25)
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Yeager-Struthers, MelodyEPPC(25)
Green, SusanFASP(24)
Magnus, AmyEPPC(25)
Sherman, NicoleFASP(24)
Paiva, MarianneFASP(25)
Ma, QingzhangFASP(26)
Trailer, Jeff; Chair---(25)
Communication and Education
He, FengEPPC(26)
Lemmi, CatherineFASP(26)
Moss, JoshEPPC(25)
Draper, AaronFASP(25)
Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Mgmt.
Gibson, ToddEPPC(25)
O'Connor, DennisFASP(24)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Lee, SangminEPPC(24)
Jollimore, TroyFASP(26)
Miller, Matthew Teague EPPC(26)
Traver, TeresaFASP(25)
Newell, PatrickFASP(24)
Natural Sciences
Klobodu, SethEPPC(25)
Kralj, Holly; Vice ChairEPPC(26)
Coons, MichaelFASP(24)
Weingartner, PaulFASP(26)
Emeritus (1)
Kaiser, KathyFASP(24)

Ex-Officio (13)

*President - Steve PerezPresident --
*Interim Provost and VP for Academic Affairs - Terence LauVPAA --
*Interim VP for Business & Finance - Jamie ClydeVPBF --
*VP for Student Affairs - Isaac BrundageVPSA --
*VP for Univ. Advancement - Ahmad BouraVPUA --
*VP for Information Technology - Monique SendzeVPIT --
Exec. Chair of Chairs' Council  - Christopher Nichols
Staff Council Chair - Tawnie PetersonEPPC(24)
Staff member - Bethany PrinceFASP(24)
Staff member - Rachel McBride-PraetoriusFASP(24)
Staff member - Chloe MadayEPPC(24)
AS President - Autumn AlanizFASP(24)
AS Dir. of University Affairs - Mia ArismanEPPC(24)
AS Member - Britanee WindomEPPC(24)
AS Member - Josiah YoungbloodFASP(24)
*Non-voting member