Academic Senate

Campus Vegetation and Arboretum Committee

Committee Members 2022-2023
Committee Member DescriptionMember NameTerm
Faculty Member - Dept. of Biological Sciences (specialty in Plant Diversity) TBD()
Faculty member - College of BSSMelody Yeager-Struthers(24)
Faculty member - College of AGRGarrett Liles(24)
Faculty member - College of CMEGary Day(22)
Faculty member - Dept. Geological & Environmental Sciences (specialty in Applied Ecology) (Restoration)TBD()
Faculty member (experience in Botany or related field)TBD()
Emeritus faculty member - Dept. of Biological SciencesTBD()
Supervisor of Grounds & LandscapingTBD()
Staff Member Sandra Scholten(24)
A.S. Sustainability Committee Rep.TBD()
Campus ArchitectTBD()
A.S. member (interest in Botany or related field)TBD()
Chico Community Member (interest in Botany or related field)TBD()

Terms: Faculty & Staff - 3 years (staggered), Student member - 1 year
Faculty members appointed by Academic Senate Executive Committee in consultation with CVAC.

To provide the University with guidance and expertise concerning planning, policy, and maintenance of the campus vegetation and urban ecosystem. This policy is provided to assure the proper protection of a valuable University resource, trees, and to restore and maintain some degree of ecosystem function within a working urban environment

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