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Student Financial Services


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  • Will parking permits be enforced?

    Valid parking permits are required to park in campus parking structures and lots. Enforcement remains in effect (California Code of Regulations 5 § 42201). For information on how to purchase parking permits please visit: in new window) or contact our office at (530) 898-5936.

  • Will parking deductions be in effect?

    Yes, employee payroll deductions will resume September 1, 2020 for faculty and staff holding all types of FS or Reserve permits. No further action is required for employees who want to keep their current permit.

    Employees who no longer wish to maintain their permit and need to end their payroll deduction must mail in their parking permit so it is received no later than August 31, 2020. If permit is not received by August 31, September parking will be deducted from their October paycheck.

    Parking permit must be mailed to: Student Financial Services, 400 W. First Street, Chico, CA 95929–0242. To help with processing, please include a note with your name and department. 

    Please keep in mind that once a permit has been returned, there is no guarantee the same type of permit will be available in the future. Please refer to the Student Financial Services(opens in new window) parking website for information on Reserve permits and waitlists.

  • Can I pick up a check (paycheck, reimbursement check, or short-term loan)?

    Effective Fall 2020, we will be offering limited in-person services. Our office will be open every Thursday, as well as any paycheck distribution date, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Our office is located in SSC, Room 230. Please check the Student Financial Services' homepage(opens in new window) for specific dates.  A photo ID will be required to pick up any check. Masks are required for on-campus visits.

    PAYCHECK DIRECT DEPOSIT. We strongly encourage State employees to sign up for direct deposit for your payroll check. This would allow less face-to-face contact in this COVID19 environment. Please complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization (PDF) form from the payroll website(opens in new window). Signing up for direct deposit of your payroll check is with the State Controller’s Office. This is different than direct deposit through Accounts Payable for employee reimbursement checks.

  • Will you mail my check?

    Please email to request your check be mailed.  Please include your student/empl ID number and your full mailing address.

    We cannot accept a blanket authorization to mail checks; you MUST send an email for each check (each month) you want/need mailed.

  • Can I make a payment on a balance due?

    Yes, you can still pay on your balance due. Payments can be made in a variety of ways: mailed, online, or in person.

    To mail, please review our payment methods(opens in new window) page for our mailing address. Due to our limited time on campus, receipts will be delayed.

    To pay online, students can pay through their student center or they can log in directly here(opens in new window) to pay. Online payments from your bank account are free.

    To pay in person (check/cash only), please come during our limited in-person service times. Check the Student Financial Services' homepage(opens in new window) for specific dates of in-person services.

  • Is my student club account still active and accessible?

    Yes, club accounts are still accessible. We have altered our processes due to our remote workstations, but you can still make deposits and request reimbursements. Please contact MaryLisa Wood at in new window) for club related questions or assistance with the new processes.