Perkins Loans

General Information

The Federal Perkins loan is a low-interest (5 percent) fixed-rate loan for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half time. The loan is made with government funds, and CSU, Chico acts as lender. Because funds are limited, students must have exceptional need to receive a Perkins Loan. Award amounts range from $500 to $2,000.

This loan program is different than the William D. Ford (Stafford) Direct Loan Program and requires separate entrance counseling, promissory note, exit interview, and repayment processes.

All Perkins loans disbursed at CSU, Chico are managed by Student Financial Services in partnership with Educational Computer Systems Inc, (ECSI).

Entrance Counseling

Entrance counseling is required for first-time Perkins borrowers and must be completed before your first Perkins loan will be disbursed. Online entrance counseling is provided by ECSI in conjunction with the Electronic Master Promissory Note.

Electronic Master Promissory Note

To receive your Perkins loan at CSU, Chico, you must complete and submit an Electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) provided by ECSI. The MPN is your promise to repay loan funds disbursed to you and must be completed before your first Perkins loan will be disbursed. You need to complete the MPN only one time for Perkins loans disbursed at CSU, Chico.

Students should complete the e-master promissory note electronically using their USDE pin. Online entrance counseling and borrower information are included in the process. Once the promissory note is complete, an ECSI PIN is provided to access Perkins loan account information online. Borrowers may view their promissory note, see advances, and access their loan history online.

Exit Interview

When you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment, you must contact a collection representative in Student Financial Services, SSC 230, or by phone at 530-898-6083 or 530-898-5936 to complete Perkins exit interview counseling. This exit interview will provide important information regarding the terms of your Perkins loan, grace periods, repayment, deferment, cancellation, and loan forgiveness.

Perkins Exit Interview Information

For CSU, Chico, the Perkins loan exit interview is provided online by our Perkins billing servicer, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI).

Prior to accessing the exit interview online, you need to contact ECSI by phone at 1-888-549-3274 to obtain your temporary password or ECSI pin number.

The path to the exit interview is as follows:

  1. Click on: ‘Borrower’
  2. Click on: ‘Login to my account’
  3. Enter the CSU Chico school code: J3
  4. Enter your account number: Your account number is your Social Security Number
  5. Enter your temporary password: ECSI Pin Number _____
  6. Follow the instructions to complete your Exit interview

A hold preventing transcripts and future enrollment will be placed on your student account until the Perkins Exit Interview is completed. We will remove your hold within a few days of the date you complete the Perkins exit interview, but you may contact our office to have it removed sooner or if the hold has not been removed, even though you have completed the process.

In addition to the online exit interview, ECSI offers many services for your convenience, including automatic payments and e-billing. You may contact them directly to obtain additional information about their services at 1-888-549-3274.

If you have any questions about your Perkins loan, deferments, cancellation, address updates, phone number updates, name change, etc., please contact a CSU, Chico collection representation at 530-898-6083 or 530-898-5936. For additional information, regarding Perkins and other types of loans, please visit the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office Web site.

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