Student Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I owe?  

For general feeinformation you can refer to “Registration Fees” section of our website. For your individual balance information please review your Student Center in the portal. In your Student Center under Financials, select "What I Owe". If the amount of your pending financial aid is greater than your "due now," no payment is required at this time. If the amount of your pending financial aid is less than your "due now," you are required to pay only the difference between your fees (due now) and the amount of your pending financial aid. This amount must be paid by the fee payment deadline.

When are fees due?

Refer to the deadlines tab in the Student Accounts section of this website.

What if my payment is late?

Consequences of a late payment include the possibility of being dropped from all of your classes, a late fee of $25, and a hold on your student account preventing enrollment.

I'm waitlisted for all my classes, do I have to pay fees?

Yes. Students who are waitlist are expected to pay for the units they intend to be enrolled in or their waitlisted classes may be dropped.

My student center shows no fees due, how am I supposed to pay?

If you are not enrolled in classes, your student center will show you do not have a balance. You can override this amount by selecting the "make a payment" button in your Student Center. Once in Transact, our payment processor, select the general student payment button and manually enter the amount you need to pay based on the fee schedule.

How do I use my Veteran Education Benefits?

Contact our Veteran Education Transition Services (VETS) office online at or call (530) 898-5911 for information about the different types of Veteran Education Benefits and instructions on how to use them at Chico State. Please note: to use your benefits for fee payment, your Enrollment Certification Request must be submitted and processed prior to the fee payment deadline.

Why hasn't my waiver posted to my student account?

Waivers are typically posted in early July for the Fall semester and in early December for the Spring semester.

Why does the credit card payment method charge a service fee?

The University has contracted with SmartPay and Transact to handle the credit card transactions for student account payments. They charge the fee to cover the cost payable to the credit card consortiums. The University never collects this fee, nor can we refund this fee. For a free online payment option, please use the electronic check method within Transact.

I paid my fees in full, when will the hold be removed?

During business days, fee payment deadline holds are removed at the top of every hour. Prior term balance holds are removed periodically throughout the day. If your hold is not removed as expected, please contact our office at (530) 898-5936.

When are on-campus housing fees due?

Please refer to your housing agreement, or review the information provided by the University Housing Office. You may also review your student account in your Student Center; under Financials, select "What I Owe".

Is there a way to pay my fees in installments?

If you are a California resident and do not receive any financial aid, then you may use the Tuition Fee Installment Contract. The contract is available online through the Student Center. For assistance in completing this contract, refer to the Tuition Installment Payment Plan help guide on our website.

When do I receive my financial aid disbursement?

The first disbursement of the semester will occur the Thursday before classes begin. Your particular disbursement may depend on items such as holds, to-do list items, etc. When financial aid does disburse, it will be applied to your student account to pay any outstanding charges, including future due items, and the remaining credit (if any) will be refunded to you.

Can I pick up my financial aid refund?

No, students are not allowed to pick up financial aid checks. Financial aid refunds will be mailed out on Thursdays or submitted to the bank for electronic deposit, providing you signed up for this service. It is highly recommended you enroll in e-Refund to receive your refund faster and to eliminate the chance of a lost check.

How do I sign up for e-Refund (direct deposit) of my financial aid or other overpayment credit?

Sign up in the Student Center under Financials; select "Enroll in e-Refund". Enroll once and you don’t need to enroll again. Update or delete your bank information any time.

How do I make a payment?

Please refer to the “Payment Methods” tab in the Student Accounts section of this website.

Can parents call with questions about their daughter/son's student account?

Federal regulations prohibit our office from discussing your student account with parents or guardians without written consent.  We are only permitted to discuss a student's account if and when the student specifically identifies an individual by completing the electronic Authorization to Release located in their Student Center under Student Records.

How will I be billed?

Due amounts and due dates are posted in the Student Center under Financials, What I Owe. It is the students’ responsibility to monitor their accounts in the Student Center.

We do not mail paper bills and will not e-mail parents. We send current balance-due notices to the student's Wildcat e-mail; students can forward such emails to appropriate parties. Additionally, students can use the “Email Outstanding Charges” button on the What I Owe screen to email due amounts and due dates to appropriate parties.