Past Due Accounts

A student account is past due whenever payment is not received by a published payment deadline or by a due date established by an invoice. Any fee posted to a specific term is past due as of the last date of that term, if no earlier due date has been established. Failure to pay registration fees by the fee payment deadline, will result in a late registration payment fee. Failure to make a payment established under a payment contract by the due date will result in a past due fee.

If a student or former student fails to pay a debt owed to the institution, the institution may "withhold permission to register, to use facilities for which a fee is authorized to be charged, to receive services, materials, food, or merchandise, or any combination of the above from any person owing a debt" until the debt is paid in full. (See Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 42380 and 42381). All past due accounts are subject to a registration and/or transcript hold.

A past due account is subject to normal collection actions for unpaid debts, including, but not limited to: assessment of late registration and past due fees, withholding of university services, withholding of credit for future semesters, including ineligibility to participate in installment payment contracts, disenrollment from some or all classes, referral of the debt to a collection agency and/or credit reporting agency, intercept of amounts due you from the State of California, and/or legal action. Any costs of collection, including attorney fees, collection agency fees, and court costs may be added to the past due account balance and subject to collection in addition to the original debt.