Planning to travel or study abroad?

Travel Tips:

  • Make an appointment with the travel clinic at least 4 weeks prior to departure.

  • Bring all your relevant immunization documents to your appointment

  • Travel consultations are on Thursday and Friday mornings

  • Additional resources can be found at the second floor nurses station, or by calling (530) 898-6076

Vaccines Available:

Vaccine Price List

*For Yellow Fever and Malaria prevention, please click here

Illness Prevention:

  •     Travelers’ diarrhea
  •     Personal safety
  •     Animal bites/rabies
  •     Environmental exposures (altitude, heat, cold, water)
  •     Malaria/insect avoidance
  •     Sexually Transmitted Infections

Travel Health Resources:

  •     Travel information sources/website
  •     Travel medical kit
  •     Water purification methods
  •     Medical evacuation insurance

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