Office of Strategic Initiatives and Change Management

Integra Scanning of Personnel Files

Project Summary

Human Resources began using Perceptive Content to store files in June of 2019. The Payroll Files were the first to be scanned and stored in Perceptive Content. The Payroll File scanning is being performed by staff and student employees working in Human Resources and is scheduled to be complete by the end of June 2021. This project is to have the company Integra scan the Personnel Files so that the scanning is completed quickly by an experienced professional team.

This project is complete.

Project Statistics
Breakdown by typeDocuments# of Pages
Personnel Files Scanned by Integra8,608181,028
Payroll Files & Other Files Scanned internally145,896278,705

Project Team

Integra Scanning Project Team
Executive SponsorsAnnabel GrimmActing Associate Vice President of Audits, Compliance and Continuous Improvement
Sheryl WoodwardAssociate Vice President, Staff Human Resources
Project ManagerRachel KootnzStrategic Initiatives & Change Mgmt
Functional LeadsKristen CurtisDirector of Talent Management
Yvonne MartiniBusiness Analyst, Strategic Initiatives & Change Mgmt


Integra file scan timeline.  Details listed below.
  • February, 2021: Files boxed and shipped to Integra
  • March: Scanning completed and files loaded into PerceptiveContent
  • April 2021: Campus file audit for accuracy
  • June 2021: Project closeout


For questions or additional information, contact the Project Lead: Yvonne Martini.