Student Learning Center

FAQ for Faculty

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI?)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions, in-person or via the Zoom application, to increase student success in historically difficult courses. SI sessions are held 3 times per week by an SI Leader who is an exceptional student and has already mastered the course material. The SI Leader is faculty-recommended and has been extensively trained to facilitate study group sessions where students can meet to compare notes, improve their understanding of course material, review and discuss difficult concepts, develop study strategies and prepare for exams. SI is for ALL students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grade - not just for those who are struggling!

Why SI?

There are many benefits to implementing SI into a course. SI improves student engagement in course content, student interaction in class, and students who attend SI sessions on a consistent basis traditionally earn a half to full letter grade higher than those students who do not participate in SI!

SI GPA Grade Comparison for Spring 2020

 Bar graph. y axis represents GPA, x axis represents total visits. 4 bars are represented. first, 0 visits GPA average equals 2.6. second, 1 through 4 visits GPA average equals 2.9. third, 5 through 9 visits GPA average equals 3.1. fourth, 10 plus visits average GPA equals 3.2.

Modeled after the International SI Program at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, (opens in new window) the SI Program at Chico State supports dozens of sections across multiple colleges, providing access to thousands of students each semester

Who are SI Leaders?

SI Leaders are exceptional students who have successfully completed a specific course. SI Leaders serve as peer role models and, therefore, must have solid note taking, communication, and study skills.

What is the role of the SI Leader in my class?

SI Leaders are embedded into the course, will review content along with the enrolled students, and facilitate online study sessions outside of class.  They meet with course faculty on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of the online SI sessions, determine difficult course content to review in online SI sessions, and provide feedback on what students are struggling within the course. 

The SI Leader will:

  • Review all course content and materials along with the enrolled students in the course
  • Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints
  • Discourage students from attending SI as a substitute for completing assigned course materials
  • Share SI materials with cooperating faculty member before use, if possible
  • Provide feedback to the cooperating faculty member if requested

The SI Leader will not:

  • Re-lecture
  • Grade assignments and exams
  • Discourage students from completing assigned course materials

What will I be required to do?

SI is not intended to create additional work for faculty. Over the course of the semester, we encourage you to promote SI attendance, meet with the SI leader weekly virtually or in person, and allow the SI leader to make announcements via class and BBL. We may also ask for your assistance in selecting and approving SI Leaders. The Student Learning Center will hire, pay for, and train the SI Leader.  

Will I know who is attending the SI sessions?

No. Over the course of the semester, faculty will not be given the names of those students who attended online SI sessions. Faculty will receive an SI Grade Comparison Report at the end of the semester (after grades are posted) of class performance for students who attended SI sessions and students that did not attend SI sessions (average grades, participation rates, etc.).

How can I request SI for my class?

Requests for participating in the Supplemental Instruction Program should be made a semester in advance to allow time for hiring and training of the SI Leader. To start the SI request process, please complete this short SI Faculty Interest Form. (opens in new window)