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FAQ for Students

What is ONLINE Supplemental Instruction (SI?)

Online Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a virtual academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted online study sessions to increase student success in historically difficult courses. SI sessions are held 3 times per week by an SI Leader who is an exceptional student and has already mastered the course material. The SI Leader is faculty-recommended and has been extensively trained to facilitate online group sessions where students can meet to compare notes, improve their understanding of course material, review and discuss difficult concepts, develop study strategies and prepare for exams. 

How do I know if Online SI is offered in my course?

There are two ways of knowing if SI is offered in your course:

  1. Check with the course Faculty
  2. Check the SI Session Schedulefor the list of courses and SI Sessions 

How often are Online SI Sessions held?

SI sessions are offered at least three times a week in 50 minutes sessions via the Zoom application. Check the SI Session Schedulefor specific times and locations for your course(s). If you are in an SI supported course, your SI leader will embed the Zoom link into your Blackboard Learn page and email the link to you on a weekly basis.

Who attends Online SI?

Online SI is for ALL students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades - not just for those who are struggling!

Am I required to attend Online SI?

Attendance is voluntary.  However, students who regularly attend SI sessions tend to earn a higher grade at the end of semester, develop a better understanding of the course material, and acquire valuable study skills that carry over to other subjects and courses.

Do I have to pay to attend Online SI?

No.  Online SI is a free program for enrolled students.

Who is the SI leader and what is his/her role?

The SI leader is a student who has successfully completed the course.  His/her role during Online SI sessions is to facilitate group discussions by creating activities, powerpoints and/or creating games that initiate conversation and learning among students.

What are Chico State students saying about the SI program?

I’m always impressed with the sessions. Not only do I grasp CHEM better but I'm also becoming a better student.”

“My SI leader does a great job of making sure we are confident in our abilities and that we know we are capable of succeeding.”

“My SI leader always does a remarkable job of showing the material in a way I can understand it.”

“SI made me have more of a growth mindset.”

“GO TO SI! It makes the class at the very least 2x easier.” 

“SI has been a constant this semester and I’m grateful such a program exists and is offered for free.”

“Thanks for getting me my A in anatomy.”

 “No matter your race, ethnicity, religion or background the SI leader always treats you with the same respect and consideration as all other students.”

SI is one of the most helpful tools in any class, it allows you to engage with someone who is educated in the subject as well as collaborate with other students who are going through the same struggles as you. I wish I knew about and utilized SI from the first day of college.”