Student Learning Center

Alexis Otis

Subject Tutor
BIOL 103

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Pre-nursing
Year in school: 2nd year

Alexis was born and raised in Richmond, California. She loves to meditate, read, work out and shop. If Alexis isn’t in the house doing school work, she’s either outside surrounded by nature or glued to her phone watching youtube videos. She is pursuing a degree in the medical field and hopes to become a nurse one day. Wanting to become a nurse and helping people has something she’s been wanting to do since she was a little girl. Overtime Alexis has grown fond of the subject Anatomy and thinks it’s pretty fun to learn about the different types of things going on inside the body. Alexis knows anatomy can be tricky, scoring a 54 on the very first exam in Anatomy but she didn't panic. She studied harder, came prepared everyday after that devastating discovery(lol), and utilized the resources given to her by professors. Alexis says “It’s ok to take breaks when dealing with a more complex class like Bio 103 and focus on your mental health. You won't do good if you don't feel good.” And she is always here as a tutor and most importantly somebody here for you.

Portrait of Alexis Otis