Student Learning Center

Billy Garcia

Subject Tutor
CHEM 112, CHEM 320, CHEM 370

Pronouns: Him/He/His
Major: Biochemistry / Pre-Dental
Year in School: 6th

Billy Garcia is a transfer student from northern California / Southern Oregon University.  He is currently adjunctly studying for a B.S. in Biochemistry in his second semester at Chico State, having switched from working in the I.T. and electronics repair industry to work towards completing dental school prerequisites for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 AADSAS application period.  His primary goal for tutoring chemistry is to share his love for the subject, as well as its applications, and strives to make that feeling a mutual one.  In particular, his favorite applications of chemistry include pastry baking, whether that be making them or just discussing baking ideas with other people, and electronics circuit-designing.  He is a huge supporter of his fellow non-traditional students who are eager to continue developing their education as life-long learners.

Portrait of Billy Garcia