Student Learning Center

Janine Limjoco

Subject Tutor
MATH 105

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Major: Nursing
Year: 4th

Janine Limjoco grew up in the Bay Area where she enjoyed getting boba every other day. She started at Chico State in Fall 2019 as a Pre-Nursing major. She is currently a nursing major that hopes to work in the ED then further her studies to become a nurse practitioner. Janine loves to travel, crochet, embroider, read books, and vibe to any music. She will be tutoring MATH 105 and this will be her first semester tutoring! She will be offering in-person and virtual tutoring sessions. MATH 105 was one of the many prerequisite courses that Janine took that she actually enjoyed taking so she hopes that you will too!

Portrait of Janine Limjoco