Student Learning Center

Study Skills Workshops

Fall 2022

All workshops will be held in the STAR Center (MILB 161) unless otherwise noted. To register for each workshop, click on the topic.

Study Skills Workshops – Fall 2022
Wednesday, Sept. 7Organizational Tools for a Successful Semester (Google Doc)4–5 p.m.Samantha, Tutor
Tuesday, Sept. 13Critical Reading Skills & Effective Note Taking (Google Doc)3–4 p.m.Meegan Sims, SLC
Tuesday, Oct. 18How to Organize a Virtual Study Group for your Classes3–4 p.m.TBD
Tuesday, Oct. 25How to Write a Uniform Essay3–4 p.m.Writing Center Tutors
Thursday, Nov. 3How to Use Journaling for Wellness (SSC 304)4–5 p.m.Sherri Elkins, WellCat Counseling Center
Wednesday, Nov. 9Tips & Tricks for Surviving Group Presentations3–4 p.m.Sue Peterson, Director, First-Year Experience and CMST Instructor
Tuesday, Nov. 15Music for Our Souls - How does Music Impact Your Social and Emotional Growth3–4 p.m.Meegan Sims, SLC
Tuesday, Nov. 29Planning Study Time3–4 p.m.TBD
Tuesday, Dec. 6Get Your Spirits Up: Motivation and Success3–4 p.m.TBD

These Free Workshops are Co-Sponsored by the Student Learning Center and STAR Center. Questions? Contact the Student Learning Center SSC 340 or (530) 898-6839