Student Learning Fees

Student Learning Fees

Executive Order 1049 established a Category II Materials Services and Facilities fee, the Student Learning Fee (SLF), to enhance the student learning experience at CSU, Chico. Per Executive Order 1102, as well as Executive Order 1049, Category II fees are campus-based mandatory fees required for enrollment. The fee revenue covers various services, facilities or materials made available to all students as a part of the overall university experience. (Chancellor's Office Executive Order Library(opens in new window))

A portion of the Student Learning Fees is allocated annually off the top:

  • 33% to Financial Aid;
  • $200,000 to the colleges to supplement their Consolidated Course Fees;
  • $100,000 to the Student Learning Center to support Supplemental Instruction, a proven practice in improving student learning outcomes. The amount for 2019-20 is $100,000 and will be evaluated annually thereafter.

The remaining SLF funding is provided to academic colleges, Student Affairs, and the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) to enhance student learning.

CFAC awards student learning opportunities to non-college Academic Affairs units and interdisciplinary projects (cross-divisional or cross-college). Each unit that receives an allocation is required to form a SLF committee that consists of students, faculty and staff representatives of that unit and maintains a student majority. This committee, working with the unit head, is given responsibility for determining how to spend their SLF allocation, within SLF expenditure guidelines(opens in new window). CFAC staff support reviews recommended expenditures in conjunction with the campus budget office to ensure compliance with SLF expenditure guidelines.

Table displaying the breakdown of CFAC funding, University-wide titled with academic affairs non-collge units followed by cross college or cross divisional

Student Fees

For additional information on how student fees are determined, please visit the University Budget Office page on student fees(opens in new window).

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The application period for 2020-21 award-year proposals is now closed.

If you wish to view a proposal you submitted for 2020-21 please login to the Student Learning Fee web application(opens in new window).

To view a proposal that you submitted for the 2019-20 and/or 2018-19 award-year cycles, please go to the Student Learning Fee web application(opens in new window).

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