Student Learning Fees

Campus Fee Advisory Committee

Executive Order 1102(opens in new window) calls for the establishment of a Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) to provide advice on fees to the President.

EM 11-045(opens in new window), which is Chico State's campus policy for CFAC, provides the guidelines for the committee in regard to fees.

2021-22 Committee Membership

Chair and Ex-officio member (non-voting)

Kate McCarthy

A.S. President

Duncan Young

A.S. Executive Vice President

Taryn Burns

A.S. Vice President for Business & Finance

Austin Lapic

A.S. Director for University Affairs

Olivia Rosso

Student Appointed by A.S. President

Shalom Mwiti

Chair of the Academic Senate (or designee)

Marianne Paiva

Vice President for Business & Finance (or designee)

Stacie Corona - designee

Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee)

Yer Thao - designee

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)

Angela Trethewey – designee

Staff support: Traci Stumbaugh, Provost's Office

Fall 2021 meetings will begin September 3, 2021, which will meet from 4-5 pm via Zoom. Subsequent meetings will be on every other Friday from 2-3 pm via Zoom until further notice.