Student Learning Fees

Awardee Guidelines for 2019-20

Once you have received your award, typically in July of each fiscal year, please follow the guidelines below.

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  • Financial & Spending Information

    Review your proposal very carefully. Funds can be spent only on items included in the proposed description of items to be purchased. For example, if the description states “computer”, items such as data line installation, software or workstation do not qualify as a “computer” expense. If questions arise about what you can spend your award on, please email

    All transactions must be coded to the appropriate financial accounts. Please work with your departmental contact for SLF to ensure all purchases are coded correctly. Awards for interdisciplinary proposals will be managed by the primary proposer’s department. A copy of the Student Learning Fee awards and financial account information can be found on our Awards page.

    If you are purchasing items which qualify as Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) you are subject to the Information Technology Procurement Review (ITPR) process. This approval is contingent on satisfactory completion of that process. For assistance, please email

    If the award is for student assistant wages, payroll and payroll corrections must be posted by June 30. This means the last payroll posted to T8508 is May payroll and all payroll corrections (PT-11’s) must be submitted by May 31. Contact the campus Budget Office, ext. 5104, to establish a new CMS position number or if you have questions about the timing of any corrections.

    To maximize student learning, please work with your departmental contact for SLF as soon as possible on the steps necessary to expend the funds on the item(s) listed in your proposal. It is to the project’s benefit if purchases/expenditures are processed as early as possible so that any unspent project funding can be used or rolled with as much planning as possible. (See Unspent Awards section below.) The intent and expectation is that Student Learning Fees are spent in the year they are awarded to enhance student learning. Students pay these fees and expect to receive the benefit from them during the award year.

  • Over-expenditure of Award

    Charges in excess of the award will be moved to the department/college general fund accounts.

  • Unspent Awards

    In the unlikely event of unspent project funding, those funds will be returned to the allocation of the larger unit – academic colleges, the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA), or the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) -- for distribution to the unit’s other awards for that fiscal year. Unspent SLF funding may be included in your unit’s planned rollover in order to fund items for the next year. Planned rollovers may not exceed 10% of the allocation for that award year. Unspent allocations not included in a planned rollover will be returned for inclusion in the next round of allocations.

  • Assessments

    Each award requires an assessment that must be submitted prior to the deadline found on the timeline. A link to the assessment survey will be sent via email to all awardees starting in January of the expenditure year and commencing in May when the assessment reports are due. Assessments are due to the college dean, VPSA, or CFAC no later than the last academic workday of the spring semester of the award year. If your assessment report is not submitted within the time frame, it may jeopardize future awards. Based on these assessments, each dean, the VPSA, and CFAC compile summary reports for the Provost for review and CFAC's use in informing the following year’s allocations.

    More information about the assessment process. Contact if you have any questions about this requirement.

  • Unit Project Change Requests

    Each February, SLF committees meet and decide, working with their unit heads, how to allocate their SLF funding for the following year. It is important that any requests to modify awards after funding has been approved be seriously considered and observe the following guidelines.

    Project Funding Change Requests – Approval at the Unit Level

    Awardees who must modify their request must first notify their awarding unit, either their college office, Vice President for Student Affairs Office, or the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC). These units may authorize the following types of changes: 

    • Transfer of project savings to other awards that:
      • Go over budget
      • Need/wish to purchase additional items that fall within the original purpose of the award
      • Need/wish to substitute an item with a higher-cost item (e.g., the technology may have advanced since the proposal was first submitted)
    • Substitution of an item with a like item as long as the intent of using the item remains within the original purpose of the award
    • Substitution of an item with a lower-cost item

    All expenditures must be within the SLF guidelines.

    Please note: CFAC expects units to maintain documentation supporting any modifications.

    Project Funding Change Requests – Approval at the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) Level

    Units must forward the following types of award modification requests to CFAC at Requests will be reviewed by CFAC at the first available opportunity.

    • Requests that do not fall under the conditions outlined above
    • Awards that cannot be spent due to circumstances beyond the unit’s control

    Unspent awards that are large enough to fund additional proposals on the unit’s expenditure plan should be used to fund those proposals in order of priority and affordability.

    If an award was originally made by CFAC, the awardee must contact CFAC directly at An explanation of the circumstances must be provided. The request will be reviewed by CFAC at the first available opportunity.