Student Learning Fees

Facility & Security Concerns List

Below is a list of things to consider when purchasing equipment with SLF. Please review this list of facility- and security-related items that could affect the purchase and/or installation of any equipment that is related to your SLF funding, whether being purchased with SLF or as ancillary items. Please note that any required modifications may take a significant amount of time to vet. This could delay the scheduling of facility personnel who may be required for the installation of your equipment, so it is extremely important to communicate any special needs as early in this process as possible.

  • Electricity – will your equipment require electricity? If electricity is available, is the supply sufficient for the added load?
  • Pneumatics – will your equipment require a compressed air supply? If air is available, is it sufficient for the added load?
  • Plumbing/water supply – will your equipment require plumbing/water/drain/etc.? If already available, is it sufficient for the added load?
  • HVAC – will your equipment require additional heating/ventilation/air conditioning in the area where your equipment will be used?
  • Wi-Fi/networking – will your equipment require additional Wi-Fi and/or network connectivity?
  • Security – will the equipment you purchase need to be locked in secure cabinetry at the end of each class/day/etc.? Is secure cabinetry, etc., already available?
  • Will your equipment require installation by Facilities Management & Services and/or ITSS personnel?
  • Will your equipment fit into the space you wish to use it in? Will it block current ingress/egress once installed?
  • Will your equipment fit through a standard 36” door opening?
  • Will your equipment be used on a floor that is above ground level/1st floor? If yes, a structural review may be required to ensure the floor is capable of handling the additional weight.
  • Also, is your equipment of a technical nature? Has it been vetted for compliance with campus standards and/or been approved via the ITPR process? Will the cost escalate before awards are announced? Consider any other ancillary costs that may be incurred.

Remember that SLFs cannot be used to fund facility modifications or equipment installation! Funding for those activities is the responsibility of the appropriate department.