Student Life and Leadership

Guidelines for On-Campus Food and Other Sales

General Vending Rules

Permitted Vendors.  Consistent with Executive Memorandum 86-012, “Only faculty, staff, and students may sell items on campus, unless otherwise provided for in Title 5, Article 9, Section 42350, or as provided for in the Student Union Policy as established by the Associated Students.”

Reservations Required. Campus entities must reserve specified spaces for occasional sale of food and goods related to fundraising.  In order to ensure the sale of food or goods does not infringe on the primary educational mission of the University and the “time, place, and manner” use of campus property, these sales must occur in approved space reserved through Student Life and Leadership (for University recognized student organizations only) or Facilities Reservations (for faculty, staff, class or auxiliary program projects). 

Approved Locations.  All approved sales locations are outdoor locations.  No sales may occur inside University buildings, with the exception of approved AS vending sales.  The Bell Memorial Union and the Wildcat Recreation Center are exceptions, and all sales occurring inside or in the immediate front areas of those buildings is regulated by Associated Students policies.

Frequency of Sales.  Sales are permitted on an occasional basis to support fundraising for campus entities.  “Routine” or “frequently occurring sales”, especially of food products, is not permitted.  This includes coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, and refrigerated items.  “Routine” or “frequently occurring sales” of these items is considered a “cottage food operation”, and must be certified as described in California Retail Food Code (PDF).   For more information on this interpretation for campus operations, see Environmental Health and Safety Memorandum (PDF) dated Nov. 15, 2013.

Food Permits

Permits Required.  Preparing and selling of non-commercially prepared foods requires the completion and approval of a campus Food Service Permit.  This permit must be approved by the sponsoring faculty/staff member (designated staff from Student Life and Leadership for University Recognized Student Organizations or designated staff from Facilities Reservations for classes or other programs) and an officer of Environmental Health and Safety.  All food preparation must occur on campus or in an approved commercial kitchen.  No foods, except bake sale items, can be prepared in a private home or home kitchen and offered for sale on campus.

Exempted foods.  Commercially packaged pre-prepared foods may be sold without a food service permit.  Occasional bake sales and sales of high sugar-content cold drinks are also exempt from requiring a Food Service Permit.  Potlucks which include voluntary participation by only the organization or class members involved, do not require Food Service Permits.

Cooking on Campus

With consideration for access, safety and ventilation, Environmental Health and Safety has designated specific cooking areas on campus for food preparation that require propane charcoal or other heat source cooking.  University Recognized Student organizations must make an appointment with a Student Life and Leadership paraprofessional to reserve a space, complete a Food Service Permit, and set up check-out/check-in for the required hand washing station and fire extinguisher/hose and bib as necessary.  Classes, departments and programs should contact Facilities Reservations for reservation, approval and hand washing equipment check-out.

Cash and Cash Handling

All campus entities should have a secure plan for cash and check handling related to on-campus sales.  Check back in this location soon for new CSU requirements for sales reporting and cash handling regulations for University Recognized Student organizations and other campus entities!

Competition with Associated Students Commercial Operations

Direct competition with commercial operations of the Associated Students is not permitted.  Part of the mission of Associated Students commercial operations is to generate funding that supports a wide variety of student organizations and programs.  To ensure that no single club, program or department is unfairly advantaged in fundraising or access to funding, Associated Students has first right of refusal in any sale of food or goods on campus.